Friday, July 30, 2010

Concrete Jungle - Part 6

When the Dow arrow stops to peak

The heart’s rhythm starts to weak

Who’s the veiled snake

Who’s the two face sneak

Who can you indeed trust

When everyone is known to cheat

Promising milk, honey and wheat

While cutting meadow under your feet

Paranoid, can’t eat

Who will conquer the rest

Last man standing in this mess

Rob and steal you the best

Passing tax payer’s detector test

In the American eagle’s nest

Who will lie, under oath confess

Double or nothing is a blind guess

Play your 401k like chess

Conniving mind, more or less

Faithful anathema of Eliot Ness

Dress with colorful bow ties and vests

Sucking you dry like a pest

Comfortable behind a lavish desk

Neurotic, can’t think

One day your name is Sir. Pete

Ebony servant prepares coffee

In a mansion that can’t be beat

Breakfast with bloody meat

Ivory mistress invited for tea

Oh! How very neat

Rainbow diamonds sandal at their feet

Destiny you then shall meet

Feeling the market’s heat

Indebted very deep

Alienated like a creep

Bankruptcy only left you with a jeep

Wall of shame, now living on the street

Toss and turning in a car seat

Moonstruck, can’t sleep


During my vacation in New York City, for some strange reason, I knew I couldn't leave Manhattan without setting foot on Wall Street. A place where the American dream lives, it wasn't Broadway, but if you make it there you can make it anywhere. I felt a strong financial power emitting within those four walls that could improve the entire economic situation of the whole world, from now until the end of time, if there wasn't so much greed.

Then I though to myself: "If only the churches and other religious organisations could lead by sharing 1/2 of their multi-billion dollar enterprise, maybe then Wall Street could follow with the same gesture". What does an investor do with a billion dollar, anyway? How much is too much? Is the Pope more credible or closer to God surrounded with so much gold and real-estate?

Greed is still wrong in my book, but who of the two, is the most corrupted?

Hmmm! ;)

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