Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kissing Monna Lisa

Kissing Monna Lisa

My newest favorite sport is to fall asleep
To lay still as if I was placed six feet deep
Fantasize caressing Lisa in my old jeep
To live with her, in the future I would peep
Until Monna defaulted for my love to keep
"Together we ate tofu" I said and wept
Remembering our kisses on every car beep
We played games and laughed like sheep
Mother said: "be careful you're in too deep"
"Learn to dust before you can vacuum or sweep"

Our courtship was a Titanic for water to seep
Mental illness bought Monna Lisa's smile for cheap
If the mind of man focus so shall he reap
I fought hard against her illness too steep
She became a stranger in bounds and leaps
In her honor, my last dish was tofu red meat

-- Louis Mercier

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