Monday, July 1, 2013

Be black

Be black

Her clothes were neon blue, well coordinated
She drank Starbucks brewed coffee decaffeinated
Passing by women who had their heads rotated
Om tattooed on her left feet, I was fascinated

To be black

"Spend My Life With You" played on the headphone
Her cleavage revealed a golden brown skin tone
Voluptuous curves caressed a perfect DNA bone
The driver had to capture the moment on his Iphone

Had to be black

On the public bus, she walked to the back row
Extension to her hair wrapped with a white bow
French nail polish kissing her pretty big toe
Slow motion as she sat by my side in a glow
Blessing and a curse for a heart rate to be this low
Eyes rolled, kissed her teeth when I said "My Queen, hello!"

She had to show black

-- Louis Mercier

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