Thursday, April 19, 2012

Believe In Yourself More Then God - Day 7,8 & 9

"The Real Champ, Mr. Derick, Lives On"

Good morning dear friends!

The key words in this glorious day is : "Never Give Up On Life, Yourself and Your Dreams : No matter how hard it gets."

You must think "Mr. Louis Mercier, It's easier said then done." Right! Therefore, how to stay motivated?

  1. Trick your mind on positive outlook on your progress
  2.  Keep a visual motivating object, drawing or words very near
  3. Listen to motivational songs
  4. Utilize all of your five senses to your advantage to keep marching on
  5. Defuse stress with healthy living and activities
  6. Stay clear and control any addiction behavior
  7. Stay in touch with people who keeps you motivated
  8. Own the title: "My name is Mr. / Ms. Resilient... What is yours?
  9. Keep an open journal of your journey (By motivating others, you'll be motivated too) 
  10. Sleep it off, because tomorrow is a new day to take another shot at your dreams
  11. Etc... (Do what works best for you without hurting yourself or others in the process)
Be sure to believe in yourself more then believing in God, didn't you know that God will "only" meet you half way in order to encourage you through the rest of your journey. How do I know this to be true? Don't waste time reading, close your eyes and ask God yourself;)  

"In life, there will be raining tears, emotional distress, depression, suffering and failure. Just believe in yourself to out last any adversity, keep learning and striving. Just believe!"

You may miss the basket 300 times, don't despair and keep shooting. Rejoice that you are healthy enough and wiser to take another shot, 4001 may be your lucky break.

-- Louis Mercier

Day 7, 8 & 9:

Auditioned for a callback, took care of business, travel to be with family in order to reboot my energy, took care of additional business. As I am waiting for an answer on the commercial audition callback, I need to return phone calls, plan for next month, secure marketing rights for the Apparel business. 

"Up, up, up, up... And here up we go!"

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